Certified Crystal Healer Program

Become a Certified Crystal Healer through this WMA Accredited School.

Become a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) in just over 5 weeks!

This Certified Crystal Healer Program welcomes everyone at all levels; from complete beginner (with no knowledge of crystals) to intermediate and advanced practitioners. Whether you'd like to deepen your connection to the crystalline kingdom and Mother Earth, or you'd like to set up a new career as a Certified Crystal Healer, this course is for you!

No previous energy work experience is required. There is no need to be “gifted” as a healer, because everyone can learn how to work with energy!

In this program, you will discover:

  • How to sense and move energy with your hands, to detect subconscious energy blockages within the auric field
  • How to conduct a crystal energy healing step-by-step (with full instructions)
  • How to cleanse, activate, charge, and program your crystals
  • How to sense and attune to crystalline frequencies
  • How crystals work from a scientific & etheric perspective
  • The etheric anatomy of the chakras and energy meridians & channels within the body
  • How to tap into a crystal intuitively
  • Crystal healing layouts for health and restoration, you may use during client sessions
  • How to make gem essences for rejuvenation
  • How to create a sacred space and altar
  • How to create crystal grids and use them for distance healing sessions
  • How to communicate with the crystal Devas
  • Which crystals help facilitate communication with angels & spirit guides
  • Which crystals are best for shielding from EMFs (electromagnetic fields)
  • Easy ways to incorporate crystals into your & your clients’ everyday lives
  • How crystals are mined, cleaned, and were used throughout history
  • Crystal care regarding toxicity and health conditions like pregnancy
  • Professional ethics and concerns
  • Much more!

This program is self-guided and self-paced. There is no time limit to complete the materials and receive your certification. When you enroll today, you will receive lifetime access to all materials!

A new module will be released every week for 5 weeks.


This program incorporates both the metaphysical and spiritual healing aspects of both crystals and etheric energy or “chi.”

Crystal healing sessions are fully-clothed with minimal touch. It is commonly described as the “ancient art of laying on stones,” where crystals are placed on specific energy centers. The purpose is to allow the person to release negative energy blockages stored within their aura, and invite positive, uplifting energy in its place.

Crystal healing sessions are relaxing and rejuvenating. During an Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts Crystal Energy Healing, clients are connected to their Higher Selves, & Source Energy in order to facilitate spiritual healing through the subtle energy body.

In this program, you will learn how to conduct a crystal energy healing on yourself and others, via in-person and through distance (etheric time and space).

This program condenses concepts into an efficient format that is easy to understand and implement. There are video lessons, self-assessed quizzes, module resources, and written transcripts for those who are audio-impaired or prefer to read.

This is designed to be FUN and stress-free!

Module 1: The Crystalline Kingdom

In this module, you'll learn how crystals are formed, how to identify crystals, how crystals are mined & cleaned, and the use of crystals throughout history.

Module 2: The Science of Crystals

In this module, you'll learn the science behind how crystals work, and you'll also receive step-by-step instructions on programming your crystals.

Module 3: Crystals and Our Energy Fields

Here, you'll learn about the chakra system, and energy channels/meridians. We will also go over how to create alignment within the energy body. You'll also learn how to use a pendulum, and how to sense and move energy with your hands.

You'll also be shown step-by-step how to feel energy blockages in another person.

Module 4: How to Select Crystals

Here, you'll learn about different crystal shapes and how they influence energy. We'll also discuss crystals for facilitating angelic communication to your & your clients' Higher Selves. You will also learn about crystal skulls. A list of toxic minerals and health concerns will be provided.

Module 5: How to Work with Crystals

In this module, we will cover how to awaken, cleanse, charge, program, and activate your crystals. You'll learn how to connect with the crystal Devas, and how to attune to crystalline frequencies. We'll also cover gem essences, methods for crystal use, using crystals to purify environments, and how to create crystal grids.

This module includes separate videos for finding the Energy/Power Centers in your home & cleansing crystals in Mother Earth.

Module 6: Conducting a Crystal Healing Session

Here, you'll learn how to conduct both an in-person and distance crystal energy healing, both step-by-step with instructions. You'll also learn the recommended tools for crystal healing. As a bonus, you'll receive Basic & Advanced Healing Crystal Body Layouts.

Module 7: Crystal Healing Certification

This module includes the Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts Certified Crystal Healer logo, and professional documents you may use. You'll even receive a professional Client Intake & Consent Agreement you can use in your business.

In order to complete the course and receive your certification, you must conduct two crystal energy healing sessions with volunteers of your choice, and submit a signed Code of Ethics. The details are provided in this module.

After the successful completion of the Certified Crystal Healer Program, you'll receive this beautiful, frameable certificate. It's perfect for displaying your certification in your professional healing space, sacred space, or office. You will also be able to use the letters "CCH" after your name.

"Wow, Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts provided such an in-depth study of crystals and how to implement them in energy healing work! I am so excited to start working as an Energy Healing Practitioner for this new spiritual journey in my life and career! This will be a wonderful new beginning in my life and I am happy to be on the path of healing and helping people. Thank you Amethyst Luna Rose for all your support throughout the process of this course! I would highly recommend this Metaphysical school to those who want to have a career in Energy Healing and it is only a 5 week course so easy to complete and begin as soon as possible!"

-Ashley Morgan, Certified Crystal Healer
Founder, Star Light Priestess & Starseed Temple of Light

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to become a Certified Crystal Healer. I have always felt drawn to the beauty of crystals and learning about the healing properties they have to offer has only increased that love. I have so much enjoyed this course and the new information I have learned. With it, I will help guide the transmutation of low and high frequencies to create an overall higher vibration for not only myself, but for others. I know there is much still to learn, and I am ready for every minute. For now however, I will let this chapter come to a close so that a new one, as a Certified Crystal Healer, may open.

I cannot express enough how much this course has meant to me. I was struggling to find my path for a long time. Originally born into musicianship and later finding a love and adoration for healing, I have been trying to find the balance. Now, I have found the beginning of that balance. Just, thank you."

-Joanna Warner, Certified Crystal Healer

"I would like to thank Amethyst Luna Rose for creating this amazing Certified Crystal Healer course. I learned alot, and love how easy this is. I recommend any one who wants to learn crystal healing or just learn about crystals and what they do."

-Sherry Hill, Certified Crystal Healer

"From the moment my friend recommended me to take this course I knew it was the start of my new future. Once I clicked in the Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts course page I knew this was what I was supposed to do. After reading about the course I signed up within seconds to begin my future as a crystal healer. I felt so informed throughout the whole course and was excited every week to start a new module. I felt guided and very comfortable at taking my own pace during the modules and really get an understanding of every part. I would 100% recommend taking this course. I look forward to learning more through Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts."

-Renee Green, Certified Crystal Healer
Owner of Moonlight Crystal Co.

This course is closed for enrollment.

*Customers outside of the USA: Please note pricing is in USD and may include any VAT/sales tax or GST as applicable.

This certification program is accredited by the World Metaphysical Association, and the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers.

Your Instructor

Amethyst Luna Rose
Amethyst Luna Rose

Amethyst Luna Rose is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Metaphysical Teacher. She is is the founder of the Amethyst Luna Rose School of Metaphysical Arts, which is accredited with the World Metaphysical Association and the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers.

To complete this certification, the required crystals and tools are below:

Healing Crystals

3 Selenite Wands (Raw, at least 2-inches/5-cm each)

3 Magnetite Crystals (Raw or tumbled)

5 Tumbled Hematite Crystals (at least 1-inch/2.5-cm each)

1 Clear Crystal Point (Raw, at least 2-inches/5-cm)

Basic Chakra Set (Raw or tumbled, at least 1-inch/2.5-cm each):

1 Root Chakra Crystal (examples: Red Jasper, Hematite, or Garnet)

1 Sacral Chakra Crystal (examples: Orange Calcite, Carnelian, or Sunstone)

1 Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal (examples: Citrine, Honey Calcite, or Iron Pyrite)

1 Heart Chakra Crystal (examples: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, or Rhodonite)

1 Throat Chakra Crystal (examples: Sodalite, Aquamarine, or Blue Calcite)

1 Third-Eye Chakra Crystal (examples: Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, or Blue Kyanite)

1 Crown Chakra Crystal (examples: Amethyst, Sugilite, or Charoite)




Course Curriculum

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  Module 1: The Crystalline Kingdom
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  Module 2: The Science of Crystals
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  Module 4: How to Select Crystals
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  Additional Support/Help
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Become a Certified Crystal Healer and start accepting clients in just over five weeks!

This course is closed for enrollment.

*Customers outside of the USA: Please note pricing is in USD and may include any VAT/sales tax or GST as applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course open, and how long do I have to complete it?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You will have lifetime access to all materials.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You can take it at your own pace, and complete your certificate whenever you are ready.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 15 days of enrolling and we will give you a full refund.
Is this available program internationally?
Yes! Many currencies are accepted at checkout. The default currency is USD.
Do I have to complete the course in 5 weeks?
Although you MAY complete the course in just over five weeks, this is not required. There is no time-limit to finish the materials and receive your certification.
What are the required tools I need for this course?
You will be provided the required materials list as soon as you enroll. The Required Crystals & Tools list is also listed above. It includes a basic chakra crystal set, plus 3 magnetite crystals, 5 tumbled hematite crystals, 3 selenite wands, and 1 clear quartz point. You will also need a pendulum, and a compass to detect the magnetic north pole. The highly-recommended reading list is also provided within the course.
What if I need help?
If you have questions regarding the course material at any time, you can send questions directly to [email protected].
How is this course different from other crystal courses?
This course doesn't just teach you laying-of-stones; it teaches you energy healing and the metaphysics behind energy & spirit as well! You'll learn how to incorporate Qi into your crystal energy healing sessions, and harnass the powerful energies of the universe. Also, unlike other courses - this course includes lifetime access to all materials and there is no time limit!

Crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are metaphysical in nature. 
The information contained within this course does not substitute for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions by physicians or other qualified healthcare providers. Crystal Energy Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is part of a holistic healing approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit.